Friday, February 22, 2008

Tutorial on height increase

You may find many lengthy articles on the height increase , but I am going to explain you the simple way to increase your height through homeopathy without any trouble and side - effects . By this method you can even increase your height upto 25-26 years of age .

Here you go :

I am telling you the two most important medicines to increase your height through homeopathy :

1 . ) First and the most important medicine - " Baryta Carb 200 " . This medicine is available in many potencies but I am telling you the best one . Start taking this medicine three times a day . You may take the medicine wih sugar tablets or take the mother tinqture ( Q) directly by mixing water.

2 .) Secondly there is a medicine called " Silicea 12x" available in the market . Start taking 4 tablets thrice in a day .

You will see within a week that you will increase your appetite , that will definitely help in increasing your height .

You might be thinking how i know about this stuff . the, let me tell you I am not a doctor , But one homeopathy doctor adviced me this when i Was 23 . I was 5'6" at that time . I regularly took this medicine for one year and now my height is 5'11" . I am not Joking , really serious .

NOTE : Stop eating Onions . maintain a gap of atleast half an hour before and after taking the medicine . Most importantly , if you want the best results take one dose of Baryta Carb 200 in the early morning with empty stomach even before a brush .

Try this and You will see the result in less than a month . But please maintain regularity in taking the medicine .

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